Lithium Products
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  • Battery-grade Lithium Carbonate

    Formula: Li2CO3


    -Key raw material for the production of lithium battery cathode and electrolyte.

    -Raw material in the nuclear industry and the field of Al-Li alloy, special glass, etc.

    Product Specification   Conform to YS/T582-2013


    Net 20Kg/25Kg per bag packed in two plasticinner layers and plastic woven outer layer (or packed in film coating bag), thetop of the inner bag is tied closely or heat sealed while the top of the outerbag knitted firmly.

  • Industrial-grade Lithium Carbonate

    Formula: Li2CO3


    -Used in lithium metallurgy special, special glass, ceramics, glaze, electronic products, etc.

    -Used to produce other lithium chemicals, such as lithium chloride, lithium fluoride, lithium bromide, etc.

    Product Specification    Conform to GB/T11075-2013



    Net 25kg per bag packed in plastic innerlayer and plastic woven outer layer (or packed in film coating paper bag).

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